Scenes from the life of a sculptor

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With Frans Krajcberg, Brasilian sculptor

A bit more effort

Waiting and thinking

With Alain Fix

With Michel Favre, Swiss sculptor

With An Deker, pupil of Zadkine

With Ignace Schretlen

Exhibition, Manoir de Rouergou

In front of the workshop

Yet more dust

Setting up

Meal with sculptors and friends

Salon of the restaurant Mariottat

Ghomri, Stienon, Vogel, Pam, Thiry

At the Lavoir de Mougins

Lionel Lefevre, Patrick and Christian Verdun

Dusty look

Exhibition at Ohain, Belgium

Loading a block of marble


Mr Vayssière and Patrick


Lucien Ghomri and Patrick Vogel

Waiting peacefully

Tinaïdes in the cloister of St Génis

Bernard Gallas, Idriss and Patrick

Idriss Boudrioua, Brasilian saxophonist

Grange du Manoir

Patrick, Jeannette Guichard Bunel, Liliane Proux, Patrick Basick, Volodia Popov...

Reception at the Galerie Hoche Versailles

With Olivier Strebelle, Belgian sculptor

The quarry Caunes de Minervois

It isn't light!


Bringing down small blocks of marble

And the colour of marble...

The mountain is beautiful

Pyrenean nature

Resting in the mountains

The waterfall

Close-up of the waterfall

Berlin East Side Gallery

Berlin November 2009

Sarrancolin quarry, view from above

Ilhet quarry, marble of Sarrancolin

Ilhet quarry, marble Opera fantastico

In the quarry Brèche du Benou

In the quarry Brèche du Benou

East Side Gallery Berlin

Gallery Recto verso, Luxembourg

Manoir du Rouergou

Museum of marble at Bagnères de Bigorre

Meeting of artists at the Moulin d'Iches/td>

Richard, Judith Ferri-Pisani, Patrick and Lucien

Sculpture course

Taille directe. month of stone

Sculpture course

Reception at the exhibition at cloister of Carennac

« En art comme ailleurs, il faut vivre au dessus de ses moyens. »